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Price of Avocado Toast

Jan 26, 2022

Today's episode features the newest member of the team, Vee Weir! Vee joins us as we open up the conversations around listener comments regarding our old friend Dave Ramsey. Vee will be a recurring monthly guest to support and uplift voices and stories traumatized by the Ramsey cult. Remember: you are worthy of...

Jan 19, 2022

Today's episode goes over the snowmageddon, apocalyptic, generational snowstorm that came to visit us 2 days after Christmas. We woke up with no electricity, no water, and a gigantic mess as we found trees had fallen on all of our cars, missing our house by feet. The experience was wild, our neighbors were rude, but we...

Jan 12, 2022

Today's interview features Kealy from Sustainable Finances. We chat about ways that you can be budget friendly while also taking care of the earth. Sustainability doesn't happen overnight but we can all do a little bit each day to make this world a greener place. 

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Jan 5, 2022

Today’s episode features the marvelous Aunt Kara. Kara dives into her social media persona and how it came to be alongside her start into travel hacking. She touches on some beginner options to dip your toes into travel hacking, and shares about some of the earlier days of the credit card community.

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