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Price of Avocado Toast

Nov 17, 2021

Today's episode features Sarah Wilson, aka Budget Girl. She is a YouTuber, debt-destroyer, side-hustler, financial wellness advocate and newly, a baby real estate investor. She creates free resources and content on how to live a frugal, fun and fearless life, build wealth, create income streams, and live your best life with the aid of a budget -- regardless of your current income level!

A trailblazer for transparency in the personal finance space online, she documented her successes and challenges paying off $33,000 of student loans in just three years on a tiny reporter’s salary of $26,000/ year, sharing her exact budget and real life numbers while side-hustling, negotiating for better pay and positions and improving her frugal skills. Now she has seven streams of income, a net worth of over $100,000 and is building wealth as a single woman still on an average income. She loves teaching others how to master their money and build the life they want at

Connect with Budget Girl and let's work on getting her to 100k YouTube followers! 

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